A User Guide to Working with Joshua

I wrote this user guide to give you a better understanding of me, my values, quirks, and growth areas so that we can develop the healthiest relationship possible. Kudos to Julie Zhuo for the inspiration.

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My Skills Database

“Continuous Learning” or “How I Skill Up”

Digital Product Design is a young and ever-changing field that spans many disciplines. Continuous learning is an integral piece on the road to success. Check out my process from the framework I adopted.

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The Thinker

Personality Traits

For the Thinker, the examined life is truly the only one worth living. Ever the perpetual student, I experience the world as an endless opportunity for learning, discovery, and truth-seeking.

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The Planner

Personality Traits

When the details are still fuzzy, I'm great at making a plan that people can understand and implement. Without getting too close to a final solution, I'm able to set boundaries for a project so everyone on the team knows what to do and can pull them in the same direction.

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My Designer Color: Green

peaceful, serene, accommodating

As a Green, I am known for my chill vibes, and my body is rarely consumed with anxiety. Chores, work, and even exercise is easier when I am well rested and relaxed. My life is centeCrimson around achieving maximum comfort.

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