Experienced Product Designer | Design system specialist with a research-backed user-centric approach.

I seek to thrive in environments that prioritize inclusivity, integrity, continuous learning, and improvement, where the emphasis is on outcomes rather than outputs.

Professional Experience


Remote โ€ข Oct 2021 โ€“ Present

Principal Product Designer for Integrate Oct 2022 โ€“ Present

๐Ÿ† 2023 Product Design Team Most Valuable Player

  • I often serve as the initial point of contact for new employees, assisting with their onboarding by answering questions, providing training, and introducing them to colleagues, which has contributed to faster onboarding, a breakdown of silos, and better collaboration.
  • Culture Keepers task force member: Integrate recently opened a new office in India and diverged into two business units, requiring a cultural mindset. The task force designed surveys segmented by location, group, and role to gain an understanding of employee sentiment.
  • AI task force member: researched, recommended, and implemented AI tools that improved quality and accelerated time to delivery throughout our design process:
    • Maze AI for product research that automatically analyzes testing data to drive insights and accelerate analysis by 40%.
    • With EightShapes, designers and developers have seen a 60% time savings when creating and inspecting specs.
    • Design Lint has improved adherence to the product's defined styles and patterns, resulting in a consistent product experience. Additionally, I spend 70% less time manually checking design files.
Design System Lead
  • Facilitated workshops to establish design system operating principles prioritizing community and use cases over "snowflakes." This approach led to less rework, streamlined decision-making, greater team alignment, and consistent product experiences.
  • Drove a series of training sessions that up-skilled designers in design system and Figma best practices that resulted in standardized component architectures and a streamlined designer/developer workflow experience.
  • Developed and maintained a design system roadmap in sync with all product roadmaps to build components aligned with the company's strategic priorities, enabling implementation teams to deliver features at scale.
  • Implemented a governance decision tree document and an Atlassian service desk that provides clear guidance and process for component requests, which resulted in improved team communication, reduced instances of duplicate components, and better data to properly prioritize the design system backlog.
  • Led design reviews, provided feedback, and identified new or enhanced components. Highlighted inconsistencies, tracked dependencies, and documented decisions to support component backlog planning.
  • Collaborated with our development team to create a design system documentation template that provides self-serve design guidelines and specifications. As a result, we have seen improved team efficiency, alignment, adherence to design standards, and a higher-quality user experience.
  • Led design and research to redesign product navigation using familiar labels from open card sorting, aligning with user goals and boosting adoption. I reduced navigation levels for faster content access, enhancing usability and engagement.
  • Championed a new action bar feature with saved views, filters, and sorting options, delivering a personalized product experience that boosts workflow efficiency and productivity.
Interim Design Leader (9 months)
  • Expanded the team from 3 to 7 designers across the US and India, hiring to fill skills gaps and bring in comparable experience.
  • Elevated the team's maturity from emergent (functional but inconsistent and inefficient) to structured (partly systematic, variably effective) by implementing micro-learning, tracking team-level work, and conducting daily stand-ups and monthly retrospectives.
  • Mentored designers in project management, communication, presentation, and stakeholder management.
  • Collaboratively designed a new product vision through usability testing, consumer advisory boards, and feedback sessions with internal and enterprise customers.
Senior Product Designer Oct 2022 - Present
  • Design lead for the design system, Insights, and Integrations products.
Author by Humana
Author by Humana

Remote โ€ข Jan 2021 - Oct 2021 ยท 10 mos

Senior Product Designer Jan 2021 โ€“ Oct 2021
  • Co-led a gap analysis that included stakeholder interviews, analysis, and synthesis. We identified pain points and gaps in the MVP, provided usability rating scores by severity, and recommended training and process improvements, which led to additional research and roadmap initiatives.
Vela at Seniorlink (now Careforth)

Boston, MA โ€ข Aug 2017 โ€“ Jan 2021 โ€ข 3 yrs 6 mos

Senior Product Designer Aug 2019 โ€“ Jan 2021
  • Design lead and partner in product strategy to drive the long-term vision. Worked closely with senior leadership to design more flexible organizations to improve how permissions work, updating our access control models, and re-thought the organizational hierarchy.
  • Implemented usability testing, designer onboarding, and championed centralized internal documentation.
Product Designer Aug 2017 โ€“ Aug 2019
  • Sole designer for all backlogs and design system champion. Collaborated with Product and Engineering on the redesign of the Pro Web app. Keystone features included a navigation overhaul, new questionnaire feature set, and a modern chat experience.
  • Played a key role in the Professional CarePaths feature: conducted stakeholder interviews, authored user personas, created storyboards, and assisted in requirements; championed a mini-viewer experience, the cornerstone of the feature set.
Startup Institute
Startup Institute

Boston, MA โ€ข Aug 2016 โ€“ Jul 2017 โ€ข 1 yr

UX Engineer Mar 2017 โ€“ Jul 2017
  • UX/UI, HTML and CSS for emails, landing pages, and marketing site.
Web Design Instructor Aug 2016 โ€“ Jul 2017
  • I taught the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and responsive web design.
Twine Health
Twine Health

Cambridge, MA โ€ข Jan 2016 โ€“ Jan 2017 โ€ข 1 yr 1 mo

Visual Designer Jan 2016 โ€“ Jan 2017
  • Overhauled calendar feature
  • Completed automated plan check-in feature
  • UX/UI for health coach dashboard
  • Redesigned product iconography (50 in total)
  • Redesigned website in one week

Boston, MA โ€ข Mar 2011 โ€“ Oct 2015 โ€ข 4 yrs 10 mos

UX/UI Designer Jun 2014 โ€“ Oct 2015
  • Product design for zero to one market research web app, which included internally and externally facing experiences. Assisted in design of iOS app.
Web Designer Mar 2011 โ€“ Jun 2014
  • Designed and wrote landing pages and banner ads in HTML and CSS. Upon campaign completion, I analyzed raw data to create metrics reports.
Harpoon Brewery
Harpoon Brewery

Boston, MA โ€ข Jan 2009 โ€“ Dec 2009 โ€ข 11 mos

Graphic Designer Jan 2009 โ€“ Dec 2009

Non-profit Experience

Mike McNeil Organization
Mike McNeil Organization

Nashua, NH โ€ข 12 yrs

Co-founder Mar 2009 โ€“ Mar 2022
  • MMO has raised over $200,000 benefitting cancer research. Designer for all merchandise, print, and web design. Team role includes planning and execution of annual 450+ person pub crawl.


University of Massachusetts at Lowell
University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Graduated 2008 โ€ข Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design